Healing has been known and practised for thousands of years. A healer seeks atonement to universal energies that abound and acts as a channel directing these to the recipient. The healing does not come from the healer but through the healer. Healing can be beneficial for both physical & emotional problems. The aim of healing is to restore balance of mind, body & spirit.


Healing is natural & non invasive. There is no need for ritual, manipulation or removal of clothes.


Healing is not meant as a substitute for orthodox medical treatment. If you are receiving treatment from your GP you should mention that you are receiving spiritual healing.


All members of Norfolk Healing Association are bound by a strict code of conduct, have received a minimum of two years supervised training, and have professional indemnity insurance.


If you require healing please contact the secretary for details of your nearest healer. Many healers do not charge, some accept donations, and others may charge a fee. It is sensible to raise this question with the healer at the outset.


If you are unable to visit a healer they can request absent healing from one of our healing groups. For more details please ask one of our committee members.

Spiritual Healing